Layaway Payments

Thank you for visiting our Online Payments Page. 
We appreciate our local customers and are happy to assist them with an online payment method for their regular layaway payments.

In addition, now you call up and arrange a package purchase with one of our representatives and pay online.

Our payment system automatically charges sales tax at 8.5% for all Florida payments and we cannot control that.  Buying online items the system properly adds tax, shipping or other options seamlessly.

But if you make a payment of $100 for a layaway or online payment that has tax added into the total you are paying?  On Layaway Payments Cart Item only, we have added a feature to insure you are charged properly.  Adding tax would essentially 'double tax' your payment.  To correct this, you will see a -8.5% shipping charge appear prior to checkout offsetting your tax charge. 

$100 Payment
   $8.50 automatic tax
  -$8.50 shipping charge
$100 Total Payment
This will show the Total Payment prior to you clicking Submit.

 In this way, the system will add 8.5% tax automatically & we then remove 8.5% as a "shipping charge" so that you are not charged tax or overcharged in any way.   If you have issues or questions, simply call us at 813-242-9500 and we can assist you with any of your questions.

*OUTSIDE FLORIDA credit cards need to alert staff so they can figure your payment at your present tax rate.  Failing to do so may result in the system undercharging you 8.5% which would result in a balance to resolve.